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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Salt Lake City.

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ID 844926

Dustin Watts

Great experiences giving me a balance in Finance, Operations, and Law. Despite my background, I am not boring...I promise.

ID 212819

Joel E. Nelson

Utah MBA. Lassonde Venture & Sorenson Innovation Associate. New Business Development @Bestbuy corporate headquarters.

ID 446494

Dustin Shay

Associate at Sorenson Global Impact Investing Center with passion for organic and direct trade agriculture, sustainable energy, impact investing, and education

ID 502754

Blake Rigby

Developing and executing growth strategies to scale startups to their first $10-60M and everything in between.

ID 626754

MIchael Burton

Sales Manager in medical aesthetics; Extensive background in sales, marketing, finance, and analytics. Worked in trading at BP and lived abroad for a year+.

ID 637926

Mitch Fultz

Founder swop • Studied at @brigham-young-university, @brigham-young-university-hawaii

ID 450010

Joseph Andelin

Senior Sales analyst with experience with startup (Extend Health) and banking (Goldman Sachs)

ID 177532

Matthew Peterson

Business Development, Entrepreneur, Fundraising, Due Diligence

ID 717336

Geoffrey Gautier

Equity analyst at Goldman Sachs. BYU Marriott School 2013 graduate.

ID 445911

Kyle Mercer, CPA

Experienced in Small Business Accounting and Taxation

ID 293333

Rick Peterson

Experienced Startup Partner. High-energy, High-integrity, driven, and a reputation for rolling up the sleeves to do whatever it takes. Global Rolodex.

ID 143863

Joseph Wilkinson

Managed $18.2M at UVF. After: TandemLaunch, & others. Now consulting startups to help them raise money, develop business plans, and increase revenue

ID 441125

Jim Dowd


Managing Director at North Capital.

ID 124872

Chris Sandberg

Data Analyst and Software Engineer with Internet Marketing Experience. JAVA, Python, PHP, PostreSQL, MySQL, Web Analytics, PPC, SEO, Social Media.

ID 198403

Rodney Rasmussen

Founder @v3-systems, @inaura-inc • Worked at @continental-bank, @bank-of-america • Studied at @brigham-young-university, @university-of-utah

ID 494605

Regina Grogan

Lead Investment Associate @ CampusFounders

ID 34953

Owen Power, CPA, CA (SA), CGMA

Senior Finance Guru at Space Monkey, Inc. Experienced international accountant working with startups and well established corporations.

ID 586848

Brent Beckley

Co-founded '03, managed more than $5 Billion in e-commerce; founded Beckley & Co in '13. Graduate of U of Montana, art lover and chef.

ID 679494

Christopher Hovey

Inventor, Team Leader, Self-Motivated, Innovative Thinker, Manager, Professionalisms, Ambitious, Empowered, Educated, Entrepreneur, Hard Worker.

ID 574745

Kenson Pribyl

Financial Analyst and Process Improvement Specialist

ID 728290

Troy Stogsdill

Top 20 Business School Undergradate Degree with Finance and Accounting Experience in an Industry Leading Public Company

ID 372369

Sean Molloy

ID 352970

Rosalie Staes

Associate at University Impact Fund

ID 441032

Jane Colton

ID 237418

Kody Myers

VP of Operation, Manage all aspects of the RawData research panel, recruitment, system development, compliance. BS Finance & [email protected] of Utah

ID 350858

Summer Wilson

Attorney with management experience in an entrepreneurial environment. Specializing in Licensing, Compliance, Negotiations, Contracts. Currently in the Arts.

ID 357249

Jeremy Perdue

Current Analyst at Groove Satellite; years of experience in small business. Owned & operated Dish Removers LLC. Internships in private equity and healthcare research firms.

ID 480703

TC Krueger

Founder/CEO of ClearShield Services, a 3rd-party billing company started from college. Successful and experienced in Finance, Sales, and Leadership.

ID 605761

Stephen Crane

Business Analyst/ CAPM Certified Project Manager

ID 608156

Brent Anderson

Finance Specialist. Provide cash management operations effectively and provide strategic insights.

ID 592962

T. Ben Evans, CPA

I am an accounting/finance professional that is passionate about systems and technology. I have a broad background that includes general accounting, forensic accounting, business valuation, IT audit, and internal audit. I am big proponent of continuing ed

ID 13842

Ben Wilkinson

All Star Marketer

ID 326863

Dominick Perrier-Strand

Love my clients, work hard to play hard, 1 exit and counting

ID 293133

Allen Ward

I am a motivated and hard working individual brining an unique combination and perspective of business and the arts.

ID 384478

BeachMama in SLC

Mother of four kids & rottie and a bulldog. Cheerleader for my DH- @Tony5alas - bodybuilder in the making. Lifestyle Consultant. Bringing on change!

ID 833698

Sandra D, Hufford

Start-up maven wearing many hats with proficiency.

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