Salt Lake City Startups List

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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Salt Lake City.

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ID 200060

Jamie Locke

Founder @spritz • Worked at @ibm • Studied at @university-of-colorado-boulder

ID 300034

Blake Borgeson


Co-founder @RecursionPharma: turning drug discovery into an information science. Co-bootstrapped to $50M+ 2013 revenue. Computational biologist.

ID 9224

Scott C. Lemon

Founder of Wovyn, L.L.C. and HumanXtensions, L.L.C. Long history in networking and multiprotocol systems, web applications, and hardware

ID 4787

Darrell Swain

Co-Founder of @lucid-software. Founder of @picturethis.

ID 358596

Chris Klomp


Active Angel · Husband · Bain Capital PE · Father · Collective Medical Tech CEO · Human · BlackSwan Neuro co-founder · Boy Scout · Lemnos Labs advisor

ID 50942

Josh Nielsen

Founder of Robot Audio, passionate web developer, audio enthusiast

ID 256550

Steve Curtis


Entrepreneur and education technology leader. Member of the SLC Angels.

ID 586848

Brent Beckley

Co-founded '03, managed more than $5 Billion in e-commerce; founded Beckley & Co in '13. Graduate of U of Montana, art lover and chef.

ID 24575

Reza Jalili

Founder: @lykebox. Dreamer: @the-giving-store. Life-long programmer; Inventor w/sold patents. @massachusetts-institute-of-technology, @ibm Research, Wall Street, @xanboo home automation (AT&T).

ID 126817

Matthew Falcinelli

Global E-comm & Product Guy @skullcandy (IPO '11), @backcountry-com, @visual-sciences (IPO '04, acq '08) . BIG DATA since 2002. Welcome to the party.

ID 38895

Josh Little

Addicted to building successful software companies with killer teams and fanatical users. Mastro....Bloomfire...and doing it again with @qzzr.

ID 9639

Clint Gordon-Carroll

Product guy @space-monkey, @backcountry-com, @mozy, @novell and @microsoft.

ID 1357

Ryan Elkins

Founder and CEO of @iactionable

ID 192134

Chip Luman


COO @hirevue using my F500 experiences to help build and grow innovative companies in the SaaS space

ID 316735

Jordan Furniss

CEO @estify currently. Tried to be a track star, then a pro snowboarder, and now starting companies.

ID 75099

Brandon Calder


Co-Founder @watchr-media, Online Media, E-Commerce & Technology Entrepreneur, Advisor & Investor

ID 214809

Greg Whisenant


Founder @wasatch-solutions, @public-engines • Worked at @wilmer-pickering-hale-dorr-deleted, @united-states-senate • Investor @crimereports • Studied at @brigham-young-university, @harvard-kennedy-school

ID 115405

Andy Jorgensen


Entrepreneur and Investor

ID 82273

Stephan Jacob

Founder/COO at Cotopaxi. Founder/CEO at Kembrel. McKinsey. Software developer. German Special Forces. Wharton MBA.

ID 119611

Nicholas (Nick) Thomas


Founder @finicity-1 , @nordmark-group • Worked at @3com, @USRobotics, @Megahertz • Investor @visually, @circa, @myrooms • Studied at @BYU, @UofU

ID 117340

Bubba Page

Founder @quotadeck Crowdsourcing Introductions, a @techstars Boulder 2014 company & Founder @launch-leads-technology-people-sales @Inc contributor

ID 122631

Chad Bennett

Founder and CEO of Lancera & BoxSupport, 150+ employees, passionate entrepreneur, technologist, Ironman finisher, father of five.

ID 8156

Todd Colletti

Headed planning Sony PS1, 2; led dev, 3 major patents CBS Int.; Broadcast live, CMS dev for Bejing as VP Ops for MediaZone; Led HTML5 dev as VP, @moblyng.

ID 381240

Derek Steve Bereit

Co-Founder of Symptomly. A mobile health startup. Strong background in finance, technology, and law.

ID 138812

Michael Braithwaite


[email protected] [email protected] acquired @GE 02 [email protected] acquired @Aurant 04 [email protected] acquired @clearone 09 [email protected] 11 [email protected] 12 [email protected] 14

ID 62767

Ken Frei


Founder/CEO at Screenie, my 2nd SaaS startup. Business model validation expert. Very strong sales and presentation skills. Expert networker. BYU graduate.

ID 13823

Todd Rankin

VP Marketing and BD at Dropship Commerce. 15+ years eCommerce / Internet experience. Strategic Development Expert | eCommerce & SaaS.

ID 36928

David Buckland


CEO & Co-Founder at Stor Networks, 4 successful exits for previous investors, Founder FreshTrackLabs - Connecting Silicon Slopes to Silicon Valley & Alley.

ID 50178

David Urmann

Founder @touristlink • Studied at @ohio-state-university, @the-ohio-state-university-1

ID 331554

Kevin Eagan


Serial corporate entrepreneur, advisor, investor. Co-founder (sold to Ticketmaster), eHome (merged with Windows Division), MS Online Stores.

ID 10376

Michael Zaro

CEO of MealDrop. VP of Business Strategy at E&T Startup, Past Education Director for Social Entrepreneurship at @brigham-young-university and Regional Manager at Elevate Comms.

ID 5246

Peter Callister


Founder of MommiLife. Experienced entrepreneur & strong background in finance/marketing. Founded D Street Marketing, managed SLC Angels, and Analyst at USTAR.

ID 212303

Eric Chaffee

15+ years product management experience in both cloud-based (SaaS) and premise-based software. Experience in start-up and turn-around environments. Strong focus on creating high-performance teams and employee growth. Broad marketing background

ID 225820

Scott Rafferty

Chief Business Development Officer @demochimp-2. Worked @vinny, @roundpegg, and management consulting. University of Utah MBA.

ID 14072

Justin Yarmark


Founder|COO @fair-document; Investor|CSO @TheCottages; Founder @coach-explore @eziba-inc Worked @numesh-inc @annuity-systems-inc Studied @williams-college; US Ski Team

ID 53644

George Ortiz

Co-Founder/CTO at @explorer-io (BoomStartup 11') & Founder/CEO at @presstrends; Engineer + UI Designer

ID 97030

Steven Russell

Founder and COO of @citygro; Strong marketing background. USU Student Body VP. MBA Class President.

ID 72280

Billy Bush

Director @boomstartup, background(7+ years) as strategy consultant with Strategy Lab (UT). Founded, @vicci . Downhill mountainbike junkie...

ID 341240

Dave Blake

Founder/CEO @clientsuccess Previously @adobe and @omniture

ID 25680

Kevin Kirkland

Co-founder of @grosocial. Experienced marketer. Social media specialist.

ID 105521

Ben Rollins

Entrepreneur working on second University Tech Startup, @vaporsens. First startup awarded $1M+ from Dept of Defense and NSF and later acquired.

ID 38436

Brand Winnie

Re-inventing Magazines @

ID 86828

Phillip Erickson

Founder Created small web design company Stone Table Design. Extensive visual communication background. BS in Anthropology and Documentary Studies.

ID 87713

Tom Mikota

CTO @arc9. Revolutionized Production workflow on James Cameron's Avatar.

ID 104526

Travis Corrigan

Entrepreneur, Startup Consultant, Programming Noob

ID 152781

Scott Paul

CEO of Voto and Chairman and Founder of ArmorActive. Studied Entrepreneurship at University of Utah while receiving MBA. I create, then create some more.

ID 133220

Timber Barker

Founder @myrooms, @gelpay • Worked at @at-t, @xerox @ey

ID 483117

Wendy Hoenig

Senior executive with 27 years of experience in new business development in Fortune 100 corporations, venture capital & private equity start-up due diligence, and global R&D leadership roles. Expert in entrepreneurial start-ups, business and technology as

ID 124872

Chris Sandberg

Data Analyst and Software Engineer with Internet Marketing Experience. JAVA, Python, PHP, PostreSQL, MySQL, Web Analytics, PPC, SEO, Social Media.

ID 158006

Rich Smith

Worked at @hewlett-packard, @cityspark • Studied at @brigham-young-university, University of Utah

ID 318984

Ty Diamse

Founder of DevPoint Labs. Developer, business, and marketing background. Founded Alpha Infographics. Worked at DoD L-3 Communications.

ID 75248

Alyson Jones

Visual + Web Designer; Co-founder of Stone Table LLC; Co-founder of @cucune, @forrage.

ID 37846

Travis W. Peterson

CEO & Founder of - 1st startup. BS in finance. Worked Wall Street for 5 years. I am a creative right brain in photography & stories.

ID 36647

Bob Angell

Med/Chem/Retail Informatics,DVS,DDM,Mining,Enterprise SI. RoamZone (RSS), @coolhotnot. Inventor - filed 90+; issued 10+ patents thus far.

ID 131896

Robert Smith

@harvard-university graduate; founded @element-seo (exit in 2011), founded Tri-State Dental (exit in 2012)

ID 169528

Marc Chenn

CEO & Co-Founder, Salt Stack • Worked at @goldman-sachs, @morgan-stanley • Studied at @brigham-young-university

ID 718687

Mimi Nguyen

Co-Founder of @vakargo, former Senior Analyst at @goldman-sachs, fervent "Y'all" Advocate

ID 484900

Jens Beyrich

Director at @assure-fund-management • Studied at @brigham-young-university • formerly @ebay , @john Deere Financial, @baker-mckenzie , @kickstart-seed-fund

ID 459036

Matt Winder

Co-founder of JuicedUp Charging. 1st company of its kind in the Western U.S. Strong product to assist in driving business and sales to your location.

ID 82048

Jared Johnson

Co-Founder of @rango EXPRESS. President at @rallaro

ID 203668

Jason Knott

Founder and CEO of BreathAdvisor • Previously a programmer and developer • Studied at @westminster-college

ID 42728

Cl. Alex. Chien

Inventor, "Med-Surg Onshoring" (pat. pend.). Project leader $50MM ILEC COs. Leading Wall St. analyst Cable-Modem 1.0. MBA, UNC-Chapel Hill. U-Mich. award.

ID 53985

Justin Eddy

Work at @ Google • Founded Tribute • Studied @ BYU

ID 30078

Dan (Danny) Fellars

Founder, @inbounding-com CEO, @inhealthcare Masters, CS (CSUSM) MBA (@brigham-young-university)

ID 213413

Nate Walkingshaw


Founded @cycleface-inc @podium-co @brightface @waiverapps-com @paramed Investor @finicity @cycleface-inc Board Member of @saturdayswaffle

ID 270674

Marshall Hendrickson

Founder of The Field House • BA at @university-of-utah, JD @gonzaga-university • Startup lawyer • Japanese speaker • html & css coder • High school football coach

ID 115771

Welby Evangelista


CEO of @social-copilot, investor, and entrepreuner. Sold Eliot Management Group to LGB.

ID 20626

Joshua McKay

@helion-2 Founder • Scalable infrastructure work for @facebook @intuit @microsoft @paypal @visa @ticketmaster @salesforce @AT&T @t-mobile and many more

ID 106429

Garth C. Koyle

Co-founder @ @event-espresso; winner of the $40k 2011 Utah Entrepreneur Challenge. Prior Marketing Manager. MBA, MHA.

ID 172385

David Nielsen

Founder @ultralink, @cmg-marketing • Worked at @goldman-sachs, @ucla-anderson-school-of-management • Studied at @brigham-young-university

ID 197273

Zach Richardson

Founded Myndlab - owns and operates more than 4 different social startups.

ID 73825

PressTrends Team

PressTrends is engineering a brand new platform that aims to answer the toughest questions in web design, content creation, and user interaction.

ID 53718

Michael Alvarez


ID 64359

Jantzen Fugate

Chief Executive Officer, at @direct-business-lending

ID 268824

Jake Rodgers

Founder/CEO @hype-ventures, Co-founder @Klick Loyalty • Studied at @brigham-young-university, @university-of-utah

ID 123087

Chris Kilbourn

VP Strategy @ Fit Marketing Built and sold TOFU Marketing and TaskBullet. Senior Associate at University Venture Fund. Summa cum laude BS in Finance 2012.

ID 197225

Misiona Patane

Misiona Patane, Jr. brings diversity and experience to his work as a business development, project management, and implementation consultant.

ID 275476

Ken Trionfo

Worked at @interbank-fx • Studied at @brigham-young-university

ID 202125

Ryan Wells

COO of Adrently | Public Relations from BYU | marketing and sales influencer | developed and operated two start-up companies in both B2B & B2C industries.

ID 51861

Jer Wood

Excel master. Expert at financial modeling, forecasting, budgeting, project management, and process improvement. BS Accounting, MBA, 7 years Internet banking.

ID 479752

Curtis Toone

Founder qpquo LLC • Worked at @bain-company, @bain-capital • Studied at @brigham-young-university

ID 23569

Brady Kimball

VP of Engineering at @adaptive-computing. Grew Engineering team 6x during move into Cloud Computing market.

ID 185164

Paul Mayne


Founder @day-one

ID 883322

Seth Adams

Born and raised in South Africa now living in America. Business and entrepreneurship major at LDSBC. Have experience in sports coaching and event planning.

ID 248754

Justin Smith

Founder Project SLC, Spanish Degree University of Utah), PR and Marcketing Emphasis, Social Media and Marketing at Freindeimic and

ID 33638

Bill Walsh

Working to provide cloud services to small businesses. Adding locations in Las Vegas / Beijing in Q3.

ID 52425

Brad Boyle

CEO, marketer and technologist. Have raised multiple rounds of capital for both technology and consumables companies. Columbia MBA.

ID 527322

Sterling Cobb

Founder @castr-1 Github: fourcolors Website: Work: thoughtbot and Instructure

ID 302316

Kara Diersing Clapp

PhD in 2005, Family Nurse Practitioner in 2006, Clinical Nurse Specialist in 1995. Founded Doctor Kara PC in 2006.

ID 246953

Jennifer Lynn Mason

Co-founded a Utah WISP in 2003* Was VP of 3.3M Az company* Worked @ClearChannel* Owner of Jennifer Lynn Consulting* Founder of

ID 122032

Matt Hansen

Current activity involves founding and development of - Have been developing enterprise and startup software for more than 12 years.

ID 195498

Christoffer Wallin

Missionary of music and founder of @jamclouds • Creative Design @sprinklebit • Worked at @bts, @swedish-armed-forces • Studied at @university-of-utah

ID 181909

Clayton Call

Founder ONE Interpreting, first to develop Video Relay Service app for deaf utilizing Gtalk. Founder of @throng studied at @arizona State University

ID 320749

Clayton Farr

Sr. User Experience Design + Strategist. 15+ years. Founder of two design companies. Exceptional leadership, process, professionalism and communication.

ID 114540

James Kleinschnitz

Sr Software Engineer at CA Technologies

ID 203348

Kevin Prowell

Utah native Kevin Prowell is a self-made entrepreneur, diverse athlete, and involved community participant.

ID 77238

Lexington T. Blood

1st startup at 18. 2nd startup at 25, successful real estate investor, green building consultant. Biochemistry, 5 years sleep medicine. Liquid Dreams Founder

ID 82611

corey roberts

I have experience in web development, project management, landscaping, economics, and investment.

ID 73738

Steve Gerritsen

Founder @rocky-mountain-low-vision-llc, @Advanced Sports Marketing• Worked at @ems-financial-services • Studied at University of Utah

ID 177029

Kevin Johnson

Founder LiL Billboards, @game-hub • Studied at @utah-state-university

ID 253086

Justin Jones

Founded @ilived Digital Strategist for Bonneville Communications. Passion for cause-oriented marketing, strategy, and advertising.

ID 44350

Ethan Pearson

Seeking to do for data-exchange and business intelligence what youtube did for video or what blogs did for print media. Democratize data exchange.

ID 330532

Curtis McEntire

Founded, worked for Intermountain Healthcare for 7 years as a supply chain management professional, love technology, MBA/MHA.

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