Salt Lake City Startups List

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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Salt Lake City.

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ID 373739

Josh Braegger

Worked at @space-monkey, @boinc

ID 169527

Max Goff

Current: Stealth Mode. Past: Founder/CTO, Kostizi • Sun Microsystems • Studied: Fordham, University of San Francisco

ID 75889

Bryan Petty

Software Engineer at Bluehost; Worked at @phoenix-project-management-systems, and side projects with @google.

ID 90800

Tom Stokes

Software and Hardware Engineer with a background in start-ups and venture capital.

ID 422064

David Bailey


Founder/CEO at RoomChoice, my 2nd startup. Software enthusiast and programmer. Strong sales, social media and marketing skills. BYU graduate.

ID 1357

Ryan Elkins

Founder and CEO of @iactionable

ID 127265

Rob Stefanussen

Director of Engineering at HumanXtensions, LLC. Been on the startup scene for 6 years. Decided to finish my degree a couple of years ago, now almost finished!

ID 253417

Dallin Regehr

Hacker and builder of things • Founder Artemis • Founder Talentbase

ID 50942

Josh Nielsen

Founder of Robot Audio, passionate web developer, audio enthusiast

ID 8090

Katrina Archibald

Founding Team @ Degreed. Launched large consumer website that reaches millions per month on mobile and I18N. Passionate about design, development, and the web.

ID 53644

George Ortiz

Co-Founder/CTO at @explorer-io (BoomStartup 11') & Founder/CEO at @presstrends; Engineer + UI Designer

ID 207129

Grant Gordon

Obsessed with applying UX to solve really hard problems. Founder @enticelabs, @artemis

ID 9224

Scott C. Lemon

Founder of Wovyn, L.L.C. and HumanXtensions, L.L.C. Long history in networking and multiprotocol systems, web applications, and hardware

ID 122631

Chad Bennett

Founder and CEO of Lancera & BoxSupport, 150+ employees, passionate entrepreneur, technologist, Ironman finisher, father of five.

ID 14072

Justin Yarmark


Founder|COO @fair-document; Investor|CSO @TheCottages; Founder @coach-explore @eziba-inc Worked @numesh-inc @annuity-systems-inc Studied @williams-college; US Ski Team

ID 373731

Erik Nolte

Worked at @space-monkey, @adobe-systems

ID 128252

Jordan Bush

Co-founder/CTO at @vicci

ID 354389

Chris Barmonde

Front-end-focused full-stack engineer.

ID 401570

Mike Dodson

5-time founder with exits totally over $800MM. I concieve, design, build and sell products. Homeless as a child, I learned hard work and a positive attitude.

ID 80799

Shane Hansen

Lead Engineer - Backcountry (retail), Senior Software Engineer - Looplingo (social commerce). I build software and teams.

ID 230072

Chad Mann

Electrical Engineer turned Entrepreneur

ID 334850

Kevin Smith

Full stack JavaScript engineer, founder Ski Town Restaurants.

ID 47570

Paul English

Software Engineer

ID 256300

Madhav Ranjan

Cornell BS; Director at UBS, Whole Loan Trading IT; CIO for a financial tech startup in 2005 to present. Built web portals for Real Estate Valuation & Mortgages

ID 742557

Ian Leaman

Tufts University CS and Math, Intersted in building up projects.

ID 318984

Ty Diamse

Founder of DevPoint Labs. Developer, business, and marketing background. Founded Alpha Infographics. Worked at DoD L-3 Communications.

ID 134548

Orion Hansen

Founder Film Garden and Courion Design Studios • Advanced Software Engineer. Worked at @monavie as Development Lead • Studied at @university-of-utah, @weber-state-university

ID 203668

Jason Knott

Founder and CEO of BreathAdvisor • Previously a programmer and developer • Studied at @westminster-college

ID 210754

Rob Weaver

Technical Project Manager and Architect, Liberal, Developer, Project manager, social media and web consultant

ID 42728

Cl. Alex. Chien

Inventor, "Med-Surg Onshoring" (pat. pend.). Project leader $50MM ILEC COs. Leading Wall St. analyst Cable-Modem 1.0. MBA, UNC-Chapel Hill. U-Mich. award.

ID 155479

Shae Petersen

Founder @partyutah, @partytix • Started selling subscription based software online at 15. Developer/Designer of 13+ years. Did I mention I love startups?

ID 73825

PressTrends Team

PressTrends is engineering a brand new platform that aims to answer the toughest questions in web design, content creation, and user interaction.

ID 289564

Ben Burnett

MS CS UofU, well rounded (front end + back end), strong math background

ID 146624

Jayson Hill

Worked at @unisys, @us-army • Studied at @salt-lake-community-college

ID 82948

Zean Tsoi

Founder Undetermined • Worked at @reddit • Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley, @columbia-university

ID 82048

Jared Johnson

Co-Founder of @rango EXPRESS. President at @rallaro

ID 744226

Scott Leonard

Software Engineer, FOSS and Open Web Standards advocate:, husband, and father of 3 girls.

ID 183749


Studied at @CU, @National Institute Of Technology Trichy

ID 361688

Ivan Andrus

Backend C++ big data developer with Adobe

ID 163129

Spencer Uresk

Java developer

ID 434084

Justin Sherwood

Founder Tabulaa • Worked in IT Strategy and Architecture at @astrazeneca • Studied Software Engineering at @university-of-oxford-1

ID 287294

Piers Mainwaring

Web dev, cyclist, humanist. Whiskey hunter. Ruby + Rails, CoffeeScript, Node, databases, sysadmin, &c. I make internets @matt-berry. Previously with .

ID 23569

Brady Kimball

VP of Engineering at @adaptive-computing. Grew Engineering team 6x during move into Cloud Computing market.

ID 527375

Scott Lewis

Experience working with companies that are on Cloud architectures or that are moving to Cloud Architectures, Scala, Akka used for highly scalable systems.

ID 556777

Hitesh Raju

University of Utah, Masters, Working on a graph layout algorithm for interactive visualization in JavaScript

ID 851675

Oli Olafsson

Data explorer and business process expert

ID 30078

Dan (Danny) Fellars

Founder, @inbounding-com CEO, @inhealthcare Masters, CS (CSUSM) MBA (@brigham-young-university)

ID 587620

Mark Henderson

Versatile software engineer, experience with start-ups and large companies.

ID 810261

Ankit Shah

Fresh CS grad from Utah, software engineer, problem solver, interned at Solera Networks, actively looking to engineer scalable software solutions full-time.

ID 568362

Varun Kumar Karuppannan

University of Utah CS. Software engineer. 3D computer graphics enthusiast.

ID 589384

Bejoy Anto

ID 454600

Santosh Maknikar

Founder @YogaForPeople Worked at @goldman-sachs @overstock-com @incomm

ID 337406

Zach Litz

Talented electrical engineer with passion for technology seeks the ultimate startup experience!

ID 545971

Harris Christiansen

An enthusiastic computer programmer and roboticist from Salt Lake City, Utah.

ID 731427

Justin Christensen

Graduate of Fullstack Academy of Code. Built and deployed Finalist of Node.js/Tessel Hardware hackathon. Love coding, excited to be on a great team

ID 608858

Manideep Gattamaneni

Web Developer @Thoughtlab

ID 86622

David Gilbert

Co-founder at Visible Equity, serving as CMO/COO

ID 455938

Brannon Lucas

Full-Stack JS Software Engineer • Studied at @university-of-utah & @hackreactor

ID 452372

Mark Young

Art Director/Founder @tall-ship-studio Senior Airman @united-states-air-force

ID 338866

Nanda Yadav

software developer(ruby/rails, data visualization)

ID 570652

Taylor Stapleton

Utah CS, API dev, and I refuse to be average.

ID 536865

Chad Miller

U of U CS; Unix/Linux Operating Systems; Full Stack engineer; Testing/Fuzzing/Debugging; Python/Ruby/Bash; Databases

ID 675803

Samuel Sweet

@university-of-utah CS student. Love for software, art, and their intersections. Co-founder and lead engineer for @portal-pathway.

ID 548093

Arun Allamsetty

University of Utah, MS CS, NLP enthusiast and former ASE at Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.

ID 720667

Amy-Kate Andrews

Front end software engineer from Seattle. Fluent in Javascript & passionate about clean, reusable code.

ID 757074

Lindley White

Front End Developer with background in UI/UX Design.

ID 623702

Deric Abel

A person of many hats, from frontend development to backend systems support. Passion for all things technical.

ID 254435

Randy Tate

Heavy Linux user. Develops w/open source. Healthcare data validation stack. X12, PHP, jQuery, bash, MySQL for the main course, w/Magento on the side.

ID 114540

James Kleinschnitz

Sr Software Engineer at CA Technologies

ID 779415

Jamie W

Dedicated college senior in Computer Science intending to obtain a summer internship in 2015 at analytic software development/web tech company.

ID 453398

Tysen Larrabee

Will soon graduate from Utah in CS.

ID 185353

Anant Asthana

Worked at @v3-systems • Studied at @north-dakota-state-university

ID 195498

Christoffer Wallin

Missionary of music and founder of @jamclouds • Creative Design @sprinklebit • Worked at @bts, @swedish-armed-forces • Studied at @university-of-utah

ID 537583

Alex Howington

Full stack developer with an interest in maps and data visualization

ID 643465

Saptarshi Mallick

Graduate Research Assistant at Utah State University, strong embedded skills with RTOS experience. Statistical Data Analysis using MATLAB .

ID 700199

Todd Resudek

ID 877384

Chad Stever

Solutions creator and leader specializing in web technologies from the backend to the frontend. Innovative, self motivated, learning; Jack of all trades

ID 614256

Dalton Wallace

ID 851116

Thomas Holloway

Launched and built, Full Stack Generalist, Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience Enthusiast, Entrepreneurial Spirit

ID 865818

Sushil Dosi

Full Stack Developer

ID 600937

Juan Rodriguez

Software development lead, Website Internal Infrastructure & Website API. Experience designing enterprise websites. Java, Spring, MongoDB, REST, AngularJS.

ID 669016

Matthew Camp

Full stack developer with product management experience

ID 786940

Mike Margetts

ID 237498

Mark Heaton

Hands-on technology executive with broad experience in enterprise, cloud and mobile technologies.

ID 527322

Sterling Cobb

Founder @castr-1 Github: fourcolors Website: Work: thoughtbot and Instructure

ID 395966

Charlie Oliver

Product Focused Leader & Experienced Software Developer

ID 331956

Xicheng Wang

C++/Objective-C, Linux/OSX client software engineer @emc

ID 677479

Brad Mager

Computer Engineering graduate with background in marketing and graphic design.

ID 122032

Matt Hansen

Current activity involves founding and development of - Have been developing enterprise and startup software for more than 12 years.

ID 436653

Alex Parker

Web application architect, developer. Fiddling and building on the web since 1998. Professionally since 2007.

ID 564674

Vishal Sharma

Graduate Student in CS, Published 6 apps in windows 8 Store, OCJP SE 1.6, Interested in Information Retrieval, Data Mining Worked at @tata-consultancy-services.

ID 794407

Carmen Lovio

love kids and love clothes

ID 597594

Wally Barnum

Embedded networking expert. ZigBee, WiFi, IP. IoT creator, startup Ninja.

ID 370737

Sai Hegde

Java/J2EE technical architect with more than 9 years of industry experience.

ID 65953

Mitch Thompson

Freelance Designer / Developer hybrid. Clean fresh code, & clean fresh designs are my specialty.

ID 518691

Beau Scott

Motivated, loyal, and always learning. Software architect and engineer with a penchant for creative simplicity and efficiency.

ID 151074

Matthew Barlocker


ID 99798

Sam Merrell

Programming, Education, Learning, Open Source. Geek.

ID 388253

Dan Erickson

Full stack Java web application developer

ID 97044

Tim Hogg

Software Engineer at Radiate Media.

ID 582696

Jeremy Assayah

I am a mobile developer and a team leader. I would love to find a startup and evolve with the team and the project

ID 82611

corey roberts

I have experience in web development, project management, landscaping, economics, and investment.

ID 583228

Joshua Proulx

Software Engineer

ID 71821

Zach Badgett

In love with programming, beautiful code, learning. I know many languages which include: Go, PHP, NodeJs (JavaScript), Rust, Python, and more!

ID 106488

Ghulam Sarwar

Principal Engineer at

ID 99549

Jake Gundersen

Indie game developer and cofounder of Member of Ray Wenderlich iOS tutorial team. Feeding the pattern-recognizer in my brain.

ID 257392

Kyle Mallory

C/C++ Ruby Java PHP.

ID 105875

Craig Hobson

Co-Founder of LAAAME, Qliksport and SUPER RAD. Degree in Graphic Design, Web Programming and Business Management. Totally stoked on life :)

ID 244469

Steele Nelson

Bachelors degree. CEO of BuckToBid Inc. Sr. Web Developer Hubbard Radio LLC. PHP and Javascript/jQuery guru. Strong experience with deep social integration.

ID 186527

Brian Watkins

Write some apps

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