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ID 154457

Alan Doan


Entrepreneur, Techstar, Quilt Mogul, Traveler, Reader, People Lover

ID 38895

Josh Little

Addicted to building successful software companies with killer teams and fanatical users. Mastro....Bloomfire...and doing it again with @qzzr.

ID 214809

Greg Whisenant


Founder @wasatch-solutions, @public-engines • Worked at @wilmer-pickering-hale-dorr-deleted, @united-states-senate • Investor @crimereports • Studied at @brigham-young-university, @harvard-kennedy-school

ID 87913

Peter Harris


Principal at University Venture Fund

ID 50

Satya Patel


Partner @homebrew. Formerly VP Product at @twitter, ex-Google PM, ex-Partner at @battery-ventures. Penn educated. Vegas raised.

ID 200060

Jamie Locke

Founder @spritz • Worked at @ibm • Studied at @university-of-colorado-boulder

ID 192134

Chip Luman


COO @hirevue using my F500 experiences to help build and grow innovative companies in the SaaS space

ID 439800

Roy Hammond


Physician - Radiologist with interest in health care, mobile, consumer internet and other startups. Live, work and play near Salt Lake City.

ID 256550

Steve Curtis


Entrepreneur and education technology leader. Member of the SLC Angels.

ID 119611

Nicholas (Nick) Thomas


Founder @finicity-1 , @nordmark-group • Worked at @3com, @USRobotics, @Megahertz • Investor @visually, @circa, @myrooms • Studied at @BYU, @UofU

ID 9639

Clint Gordon-Carroll

Product guy @space-monkey, @backcountry-com, @mozy, @novell and @microsoft.

ID 57557

Tom Andrus


Board of Directors at @rhapsody International

ID 238230

Ben Capell


Investor @peterson-ventures

ID 21

Robb Kunz


Co-founder/CEO @boomstartup; Active Angel Invested in 65+ Startups. @500startups Mentor. Founder @Ventureblue Capital. Runs a $3M Angel Fund.

ID 48557

Mark Newman


Founder, Chief Innovation Officer Founder, CEO at @hirevue - 7-07 to 11-11

ID 24575

Reza Jalili

Founder: @lykebox. Dreamer: @the-giving-store. Life-long programmer; Inventor w/sold patents. @massachusetts-institute-of-technology, @ibm Research, Wall Street, @xanboo home automation (AT&T).

ID 358596

Chris Klomp


Active Angel · Husband · Bain Capital PE · Father · Collective Medical Tech CEO · Human · BlackSwan Neuro co-founder · Boy Scout · Lemnos Labs advisor

ID 22267

Gavin Christensen


Founder @kickstart-seed-fund

ID 65496

Christopher Stone

Managing Director at EPIC Ventures

ID 40071

Chad Packard


Investor at Pelion Venture Partners

ID 373731

Erik Nolte

Worked at @space-monkey, @adobe-systems

ID 4787

Darrell Swain

Co-Founder of @lucid-software. Founder of @picturethis.

ID 1357

Ryan Elkins

Founder and CEO of @iactionable

ID 9224

Scott C. Lemon

Founder of Wovyn, L.L.C. and HumanXtensions, L.L.C. Long history in networking and multiprotocol systems, web applications, and hardware

ID 354389

Chris Barmonde

Front-end-focused full-stack engineer.

ID 1131

Blake Modersitzki


Venture Capitalist

ID 420595

Arthur E. Benjamin


Arthur has been a past CEO and active angel investor with SLC Angels.

ID 41753

Jack Peterson


c-level strategy executive / intrapreneur from direct selling industry turns investor and entrepreneur at 55 - having tons of fun

ID 146127

Dave Grow

Founder @lucid-software • Worked at @bain-company

ID 41320

Kyle Eklund


Seed Investor (@zarbees,@contour-llc-1,@xydo,RawData, @webtab,@precision-time,@gunnar-optiks, @screenleap, and @fitocracy) Analyst at Tomorrow/Epic Ventures

ID 9636

Jesse Stay

Founder @socialtoo • Ranked as 1 of 10 entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter by Mashable • Author of Google+ Marketing For Dummies, FB App Development For Dummies

ID 47280

Jeff Burningham


Founder @peak-ventures Founder @peak-capital-partners • Investor @studio-design, @owlet-baby-care, @screenie @fireavert • Studied at @brigham-young-university

ID 92166

Mike Firmage


Managing Director at @horizon-partners

ID 441125

Jim Dowd


Managing Director at North Capital.

ID 81440

Nick Macey


Chief Product Officer @rosetta-stone

ID 50942

Josh Nielsen

Founder of Robot Audio, passionate web developer, audio enthusiast

ID 586848

Brent Beckley

Co-founded '03, managed more than $5 Billion in e-commerce; founded Beckley & Co in '13. Graduate of U of Montana, art lover and chef.

ID 82273

Stephan Jacob

Founder/COO at Cotopaxi. Founder/CEO at Kembrel. McKinsey. Software developer. German Special Forces. Wharton MBA.

ID 115405

Andy Jorgensen


Entrepreneur and Investor

ID 457849

Rob Gallup


Partner BoomStartup, Angel Investor, Mentor, Founder/CEO Orbit Medical, Founder:RMR(Sold-Active Care), Tibro Medic(Sold Silver Peak PVt Equity) Founder-6 Others

ID 696193

Dann Ledwick

Founder @creative-gig , @clientshow-1 @lightsocket • Creative Director at @pbworks • Freelancer for 25 years: Adobe, Apple, Cisco, Microsoft, Nike, SGI & FedEx

ID 316735

Jordan Furniss

CEO @estify currently. Tried to be a track star, then a pro snowboarder, and now starting companies.

ID 447766

Matt Shields

Venture Capital Associate, Successful B2B SaaS sales record with multiple VC backed companies Cornerstone OnDemand, Spot Runner. BA Brigham Young University.

ID 34953

Owen Power, CPA, CA (SA), CGMA

Senior Finance Guru at Space Monkey, Inc. Experienced international accountant working with startups and well established corporations.

ID 117340

Bubba Page

Founder @quotadeck Crowdsourcing Introductions, a @techstars Boulder 2014 company & Founder @launch-leads-technology-people-sales @Inc contributor

ID 373739

Josh Braegger

Worked at @space-monkey, @boinc

ID 126817

Matthew Falcinelli

Global E-comm & Product Guy @skullcandy (IPO '11), @backcountry-com, @visual-sciences (IPO '04, acq '08) . BIG DATA since 2002. Welcome to the party.

ID 3302

Scott Frazier


Investor in @omniture, @ancestry, @myfamily.

ID 515632

Jamen Nelson

Sales Development expert. Worked for several high-growth technology startups.

ID 337330

John Delaney

Technical Recruiter @tellapart; @proofpoint (PFPT); @omniture (OMTR/ADOB); etc.

ID 730988

Gabe Villamizar

Gabe Villamizar: Social Marketing Manager at @hirevue #SocialSelling. Former @InsideSales SMM - Data, Analytics & Metrics. #Mormon

ID 222393

Mark Brouse


ID 780087

heath w. black

Product manager with operations and biz dev experience. Handled every step in product process from wireframes to QA. Team culture aficionado. NBA fan. Be happy.

ID 90800

Tom Stokes

Software and Hardware Engineer with a background in start-ups and venture capital.

ID 83416

JT Olds

Senior Software Engineer at @space-monkey, PhD student

ID 300034

Blake Borgeson


Co-founder @RecursionPharma: turning drug discovery into an information science. Co-bootstrapped to $50M+ 2013 revenue. Computational biologist.

ID 164248

Tony Fonseca

UX designer. Slurpee aficionado.

ID 36928

David Buckland


CEO & Co-Founder at Stor Networks, 4 successful exits for previous investors, Founder FreshTrackLabs - Connecting Silicon Slopes to Silicon Valley & Alley.

ID 440554

Anthony Siribaddana

Anthony pays particular attention to the user interfaces for web applications as well as mobile interfaces.

ID 75099

Brandon Calder


Co-Founder @watchr-media, Online Media, E-Commerce & Technology Entrepreneur, Advisor & Investor

ID 32168

Jeff Harward

Previous managing director of Europe, a joint venture among, Softbank and NewsCorp.

ID 476319

Brian Wilkinson


Co-founder of public relations firm, communications and strategic adviser to businesses, nonprofits and government agencies.

ID 132190

Curt Roberts

Associate Vice President, Commercialization and Regional Development at Utah State University

ID 414112

James Guymon

I lead teams to build things better, faster, smarter; creative + analytic with vision and drive

ID 349427

Christopher Calder


VC at @epic-ventures • Founding team @xydo

ID 401570

Mike Dodson

5-time founder with exits totally over $800MM. I concieve, design, build and sell products. Homeless as a child, I learned hard work and a positive attitude.

ID 341240

Dave Blake

Founder/CEO @clientsuccess Previously @adobe and @omniture

ID 693307

Shawn Ross


Founded Orbit Medical 2005; sold in 2010. Founded Tibro Medical 2008; Sold to PE 2013. Founded Rapid Medical Response 2010; Sold to ActiveCare 2012.

ID 273566

Quinn Morgan

Product Manager & Social Enterprise Advocate

ID 422064

David Bailey


Founder/CEO at RoomChoice, my 2nd startup. Software enthusiast and programmer. Strong sales, social media and marketing skills. BYU graduate.

ID 8090

Katrina Archibald

Founding Team @ Degreed. Launched large consumer website that reaches millions per month on mobile and I18N. Passionate about design, development, and the web.

ID 25680

Kevin Kirkland

Co-founder of @grosocial. Experienced marketer. Social media specialist.

ID 693669

Matthew Haney


Partner at FCA writing business plans. Took PCC from $400K to $20M as co-owner with Aaron Ollivier. Founding Member of

ID 173568

Wayne Brown Institute

One of the nation's oldest and most successful start up incubators. Throughout our existence, WBI alumni have raised over 5 billion dollars.

ID 392126

Lynn Dakoulas

Worked at @tute-genomics • Studied at @university-of-utah

ID 381240

Derek Steve Bereit

Co-Founder of Symptomly. A mobile health startup. Strong background in finance, technology, and law.

ID 440675

Dona Jayasinghe

Dona has been a fashion designer since 2005, providing her services for major fashion brands in Sri Lanka and the founder of WearMyTags.

ID 50711

Siddhartha Herdegen

An entrepreneur of four startups with two successful exits and two ongoing enterprises I sit on the board of two organizations and have funded two others.

ID 62767

Ken Frei


Founder/CEO at Screenie, my 2nd SaaS startup. Business model validation expert. Very strong sales and presentation skills. Expert networker. BYU graduate.

ID 277019

Peter Shirley


PhD CS Illinois '90, Cofounded Rayscale (sold to NVIDIA '08), Professor various universities '90-'08, Researcher at NVIDIA

ID 47024

Bill Mehleisen


Consultant at @accenture, bond trader at @deutsche-bank, Founding Member of prop trading fund at @credit-lyonnais. Left to study Bucky Fuller & systems theory.

ID 13823

Todd Rankin

VP Marketing and BD at Dropship Commerce. 15+ years eCommerce / Internet experience. Strategic Development Expert | eCommerce & SaaS.

ID 660954

Tim Ballantyne

ID 1908

JB Henriksen

Investor in @boomstartup, @amendment-2, @owndepot, @envirosearch, @independent-witness-inc, @daisyclip.

ID 538977

Paul Proctor

Cofounder and CEO of @unwind-app-1. Cofounder of @imogul. Published author. Worked at Citi, JP Morgan Chase • MBA @babson-college. BA @brigham-young-university.

ID 825673

Thomas Thatcher


28 years of chemical experience, was general manager of Thatcher Pharmaceutical

ID 138812

Michael Braithwaite


CSO@ClearOne Exe@Smart acquired @GE 02 Founder@ADG acquired @Aurant 04 Founder@NetStreams acquired @clearone 09 Acquired@Magicbox 11 Acquired@VCON 12 Acquired@Spontainia 14

ID 35389

Jacqueline Jensen

Growth Hacker @originate, #femalefounder in @vegastechfund, curator @VegasTech, organizer @LaunchUpLV, board @TBANvegas, learning to code. #VegasTech

ID 50178

David Urmann

Founder @touristlink • Studied at @ohio-state-university, @the-ohio-state-university-1

ID 207129

Grant Gordon

Obsessed with applying UX to solve really hard problems. Founder @enticelabs, @artemis

ID 8156

Todd Colletti

Headed planning Sony PS1, 2; led dev, 3 major patents CBS Int.; Broadcast live, CMS dev for Bejing as VP Ops for MediaZone; Led HTML5 dev as VP, @moblyng.

ID 702036

John Loveday

Real Estate and Angle Investor.

ID 53644

George Ortiz

Co-Founder/CTO at @explorer-io (BoomStartup 11') & Founder/CEO at @presstrends; Engineer + UI Designer

ID 225820

Scott Rafferty

Chief Business Development Officer @demochimp-2. Worked @vinny, @roundpegg, and management consulting. University of Utah MBA.

ID 14072

Justin Yarmark


Founder|COO @fair-document; Investor|CSO @TheCottages; Founder @coach-explore @eziba-inc Worked @numesh-inc @annuity-systems-inc Studied @williams-college; US Ski Team

ID 38436

Brand Winnie

Re-inventing Magazines @

ID 253417

Dallin Regehr

Hacker and builder of things • Founder Artemis • Founder Talentbase

ID 109764

Eliot Jacobsen


HBS, Bain, Bain Capital, Viewpoint, @omniture, @paypal, Lumiport, RocketFuel

ID 76189

David Haynie

Founder @cityspark • Worked at @bain-company, @sorenson-capital • Studied at Stanford Graduate School of Business, @brigham-young-university

ID 143863

Joseph Wilkinson

Managed $18.2M at UVF. After: TandemLaunch, & others. Now consulting startups to help them raise money, develop business plans, and increase revenue

ID 331554

Kevin Eagan


Serial corporate entrepreneur, advisor, investor. Co-founder (sold to Ticketmaster), eHome (merged with Windows Division), MS Online Stores.

ID 57537

Mark Harmsen

VP of Sales & Marketing Utah Flash (NBA). Sales Director Rock Star Shows. Strong sports marketing background. MS @columbia-university University. Sigma Chi Fraternity.

ID 463392

Clint Smith


Management roles at MySQL, Macromedia and UUNET. Advisor at RightScale, TrialPay, Yub.

ID 586829

Jason Thompson

Co-founder, 33 Sticks. Analytics advisor to corporate brands, early stage startups, and agencies.

ID 628415

Ethan Grabau

Founder Novi Security Inc. • Studied at @brigham-young-university

ID 128252

Jordan Bush

Co-founder/CTO at @vicci

ID 105521

Ben Rollins

Entrepreneur working on second University Tech Startup, @vaporsens. First startup awarded $1M+ from Dept of Defense and NSF and later acquired.

ID 785517

Scott Stone

VP of Marketing at Fuze Network. Strong Business Development and Sales background in very different industries.

ID 393921

Joel Cannon

Founder JobDash • Worked at @neutron-interactive • Studied at @university-of-utah

ID 97030

Steven Russell

Founder and COO of @citygro; Strong marketing background. USU Student Body VP. MBA Class President.

ID 10376

Michael Zaro

CEO of MealDrop. VP of Business Strategy at E&T Startup, Past Education Director for Social Entrepreneurship at @brigham-young-university and Regional Manager at Elevate Comms.

ID 122631

Chad Bennett

Founder and CEO of Lancera & BoxSupport, 150+ employees, passionate entrepreneur, technologist, Ironman finisher, father of five.

ID 5246

Peter Callister


Founder of MommiLife. Experienced entrepreneur & strong background in finance/marketing. Founded D Street Marketing, managed SLC Angels, and Analyst at USTAR.

ID 648757

Nathan Atherley

Founder Farallon Research (DoD/DHS Seed Fund), Corp Dev General Dynamics ~$700M transactions,BS Air Force Academy, MS Boston College, MBA Kellogg

ID 212303

Eric Chaffee

15+ years product management experience in both cloud-based (SaaS) and premise-based software. Experience in start-up and turn-around environments. Strong focus on creating high-performance teams and employee growth. Broad marketing background

ID 72280

Billy Bush

Director @boomstartup, background(7+ years) as strategy consultant with Strategy Lab (UT). Founded, @vicci . Downhill mountainbike junkie...

ID 75889

Bryan Petty

Software Engineer at Bluehost; Worked at @phoenix-project-management-systems, and side projects with @google.

ID 600571

Marc Halprin

President of Kossar's Bialys & Bagels NYC Saving the crafts of Bagel & Bialy making for future generations to enjoy Founder @kossarsnyc

ID 48099

Ross R


VC at @epic-ventures

ID 127265

Rob Stefanussen

Director of Engineering at HumanXtensions, LLC. Been on the startup scene for 6 years. Decided to finish my degree a couple of years ago, now almost finished!

ID 293333

Rick Peterson

Experienced Startup Partner. High-energy, High-integrity, driven, and a reputation for rolling up the sleeves to do whatever it takes. Global Rolodex.

ID 494605

Regina Grogan

Lead Investment Associate @ CampusFounders

ID 106593

Brian Bond

Experienced Marketing & Product Start-up Executive

ID 232526

Wade Bean

TapnStash co-founder and board member. Corporate partner at Kunzler Law Group; former associate at Wilson Sonsini (WSGR); Kellogg MBA; Northwestern Law JD.

ID 484900

Jens Beyrich

Director at @assure-fund-management • Studied at @brigham-young-university • formerly @ebay , @john Deere Financial, @baker-mckenzie , @kickstart-seed-fund

ID 233056

Ryan Jenkins

Founder at @givify and Product Manager at @ebay. Former online marketing guy at Starpointe Marketing & @mozy (a.k.a. @vmware / @emc). BYU @MarriottSchool MBA.

ID 744226

Scott Leonard

Software Engineer, FOSS and Open Web Standards advocate:, husband, and father of 3 girls.

ID 300575

Shane Willard


Project Manager, BoomStartup. Founding Partner, (#17 Inc. 500 2012). Purchased in 2007 (sold to competitor in 2010).

ID 169528

Marc Chenn

CEO & Co-Founder, Salt Stack • Worked at @goldman-sachs, @morgan-stanley • Studied at @brigham-young-university

ID 87713

Tom Mikota

CTO @arc9. Revolutionized Production workflow on James Cameron's Avatar.

ID 203668

Jason Knott

Founder and CEO of BreathAdvisor • Previously a programmer and developer • Studied at @westminster-college

ID 576028

Paul Lee

Founder ecoBounce • Worked at @accenture, @us-army-corps-of-engineers • Studied at @kellogg-school-of-management, @united-states-military-academy

ID 152781

Scott Paul

CEO of Voto and Chairman and Founder of ArmorActive. Studied Entrepreneurship at University of Utah while receiving MBA. I create, then create some more.

ID 82948

Zean Tsoi

Founder Undetermined • Worked at @reddit • Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley, @columbia-university

ID 210754

Rob Weaver

Technical Project Manager and Architect, Liberal, Developer, Project manager, social media and web consultant

ID 169527

Max Goff

Current: Stealth Mode. Past: Founder/CTO, Kostizi • Sun Microsystems • Studied: Fordham, University of San Francisco

ID 712627

Chris Gibson


Co-Founder @RecursionPharma • Studied at @UofU, @rice, @stanford. PhD and 1/2 MD.

ID 36647

Bob Angell

Med/Chem/Retail Informatics,DVS,DDM,Mining,Enterprise SI. RoamZone (RSS), @coolhotnot. Inventor - filed 90+; issued 10+ patents thus far.

ID 631863

Kurt Vedder

- 20 plus years of leadership roles in C-level positions, business development, sales & marketing, and finance roles - Proven track record - Executive level negotiation and partnership negotiations - Successful at spin-out and start up busineses

ID 47905

Andrew Laver


Currently, I am a Vice President at Healthbox ( and the Co-founder of Salt Lake Life Science Angels (

ID 86451

Phil Wright

Touchopia, LLC • iOS Developer • Worked at @ebay

ID 80799

Shane Hansen

Lead Engineer - Backcountry (retail), Senior Software Engineer - Looplingo (social commerce). I build software and teams.

ID 42728

Cl. Alex. Chien

Inventor, "Med-Surg Onshoring" (pat. pend.). Project leader $50MM ILEC COs. Leading Wall St. analyst Cable-Modem 1.0. MBA, UNC-Chapel Hill. U-Mich. award.

ID 746598

Ryan Hinkins

With over 15 years’ in marketing, management and entrepreneurship, Ryan Hinkins brings a wealth of experience to any executive team.

ID 335969

Derek Perkins

Founder and CEO of @nozzle Previously VP of Technology, Founder @seatability, Soccer Reviews and Pocket Innovations. #PingPongChampion

ID 86828

Phillip Erickson

Founder Created small web design company Stone Table Design. Extensive visual communication background. BS in Anthropology and Documentary Studies.

ID 318984

Ty Diamse

Founder of DevPoint Labs. Developer, business, and marketing background. Founded Alpha Infographics. Worked at DoD L-3 Communications.

ID 744276

Wade Shearer

Design/UX Executive. VP, Design at ClientSuccess. Previous: Director, UX at Vivint; Omniture; Creative Director. Cofounder of Product Design Association.

ID 320185

Matt Wunderli

Founder/CEO Vünder Sports Network. Marketing enthusiast & double masters, launched new OTT/IPTV sports network. Strong business background.

ID 446494

Dustin Shay

Associate at Sorenson Global Impact Investing Center with passion for organic and direct trade agriculture, sustainable energy, impact investing, and education

ID 808642

Paul Jaeger

CEO/Founder INTrust Mobile Marketing LLC • Marketing, Advertising for 15 years. Top 5% sales rep in the nation, 3 years in a row. Westminster (MBA)

ID 508109

Qian Xu



ID 104526

Travis Corrigan

Entrepreneur, Startup Consultant, Programming Noob

ID 530680

Kurt Avarell

Entrepreneur • Founder @beanstalk-2 • Studied @brigham-young-university

ID 4024

Crawford Cragun


ID 324197

Matt Peterson

ID 471820

Dustin Haggett

Founder Impact Hub Salt Lake • Studied at @presidio-graduate-school

ID 124872

Chris Sandberg

Data Analyst and Software Engineer with Internet Marketing Experience. JAVA, Python, PHP, PostreSQL, MySQL, Web Analytics, PPC, SEO, Social Media.

ID 98723

Michael Pope


ID 211888

Joseph Perkins

Startup Attorney and tech enthusiast.

ID 230072

Chad Mann

Electrical Engineer turned Entrepreneur

ID 436582

Nathan Gustafson

Business Development- currently working for Basho Technologies, makers of Riak, open-source NoSQL distributed database.

ID 330461

Brandon Moreno

Co-Founder and CEO of Payvio.

ID 459036

Matt Winder

Co-founder of JuicedUp Charging. 1st company of its kind in the Western U.S. Strong product to assist in driving business and sales to your location.

ID 47570

Paul English

Software Engineer

ID 53985

Justin Eddy

Work at @ Google • Founded Tribute • Studied @ BYU

ID 2362

Hal Widlansky

ID 158006

Rich Smith

Worked at @hewlett-packard, @cityspark • Studied at @brigham-young-university, University of Utah

ID 82048

Jared Johnson

Co-Founder of @rango EXPRESS. President at @rallaro

ID 255334

Daniel Baird

Co-Founded LoveSac, & Founded 3 retail franchises, MBA in International Entrepreneurship & Branding, Innovation Strategy for Healthy Choice and Zoomy Innovation

ID 129728

Justin Bergener

founder Instago,, CEO at Medstar Cabulance, Inc. Junto Partner Startup Acceletrator

ID 647575

David Deudor

ID 131896

Robert Smith

@harvard-university graduate; founded @element-seo (exit in 2011), founded Tri-State Dental (exit in 2012)

ID 37846

Travis W. Peterson

CEO & Founder of - 1st startup. BS in finance. Worked Wall Street for 5 years. I am a creative right brain in photography & stories.

ID 2359

Todd Dauphinais

Investor in @matchbin.

ID 222762

Paul Hickey


Founded Qcomm, took public, founded investment bank,, focused on raising growth capital, angel investor.

ID 138267

Michael Sherwood

Senior Manager Customer Experience at @backcountry-com

ID 633438

Jerry Wang

Business and Strategic Development, Operations - General Manager, Great at Networking / Sales; Previoulsy Consultant at Deloitte & Touche

ID 133220

Timber Barker

Founder @myrooms, @gelpay • Worked at @at-t, @xerox @ey

ID 75248

Alyson Jones

Visual + Web Designer; Co-founder of Stone Table LLC; Co-founder of @cucune, @forrage.

ID 718687

Mimi Nguyen

Co-Founder of @vakargo, former Senior Analyst at @goldman-sachs, fervent "Y'all" Advocate

ID 73825

PressTrends Team

PressTrends is engineering a brand new platform that aims to answer the toughest questions in web design, content creation, and user interaction.

ID 637926

Mitch Fultz

Founder swop • Studied at @brigham-young-university, @brigham-young-university-hawaii

ID 662004

Maggie Riordan

ID 173181

Lars Johansen

Former President of Dyno Nobel. Led the company to become the most profitable explosives company in North America. 3,300 employees and 13 acquisitions.

ID 513091

Tim Garrett

ID 553084

J.J. Ulrich

CEO of Smash Solutions. Visionary, Leader, Trainer and Business Consultant who maintains on the cutting edge of new industry developments to stay on top.

ID 268824

Jake Rodgers

Founder/CEO @hype-ventures, Co-founder @Klick Loyalty • Studied at @brigham-young-university, @university-of-utah

ID 599226

Ben Nelson

Studied at @university-of-utah

ID 307343

Jesse Harding

VP of Product at Creditera. Designer, Developer, Doodler.

ID 630999

Todd Faiella

Founder of NRG Lacrosse. Plan lacrosse events for kids of all ages. Strong business and communication skills.

ID 32142

Bryan Lence

UX Manager at @venafi, UX Designer at, Digital Community Director at OpenPlans, Degrees from @stanford-university and @new-york-university.

ID 450010

Joseph Andelin

Senior Sales analyst with experience with startup (Extend Health) and banking (Goldman Sachs)

ID 198403

Rodney Rasmussen

Founder @v3-systems, @inaura-inc • Worked at @continental-bank, @bank-of-america • Studied at @brigham-young-university, @university-of-utah

ID 177532

Matthew Peterson

Business Development, Entrepreneur, Fundraising, Due Diligence

ID 811514

Aaron Murdock

ID 769527

Alex Bilodeau

Founder of TalentFinch • Currently employed at Riley's Flooring, Worked at Murdock Hyundai • Bachelors in Sales from Weber State. Strong Business Acumen.

ID 483117

Wendy Hoenig

Senior executive with 27 years of experience in new business development in Fortune 100 corporations, venture capital & private equity start-up due diligence, and global R&D leadership roles. Expert in entrepreneurial start-ups, business and technology as

ID 67238

James Waddoups

Founder of @clearview-capital-investments. Investor in @gunnar-optiks, @epic-ventures, @xydo, @webtab, @zarbees, @precision-time.

ID 165694

John Van Slooten


Investor @western-petroleum-inc, @brown-integrated-logistics-inc

ID 115771

Welby Evangelista


CEO of @social-copilot, investor, and entrepreuner. Sold Eliot Management Group to LGB.

ID 516490

Alan Walker

Founder CoinCPA • Active in Bitcoin Community • Master in Systems Management at @brigham-young-university, Developer, UX Specialist

ID 742557

Ian Leaman

Tufts University CS and Math, Intersted in building up projects.

ID 606094

Sean Blake

Designer at, Expert at UI/UX and overall product design. I broadcasted my life for two years.

ID 502754

Blake Rigby

Developing and executing growth strategies to scale startups to their first $10-60M and everything in between.

ID 123087

Chris Kilbourn

VP Strategy @ Fit Marketing Built and sold TOFU Marketing and TaskBullet. Senior Associate at University Venture Fund. Summa cum laude BS in Finance 2012.

ID 174227

Val Rollins


Emergency Department Physician, Retired Director @Epic Emergency Integrated Care

ID 648788

Matt Wood

Founder @fusion-io, Repify • Worked at @solera-networks, @bluecoat-networks. BS, MS and PhD (ABD) University of Utah

ID 462899

Mark Poff

Founder Lilely • Studied at @tsinghua-university, @university-of-utah, @Cardozo Law. @OceanaTherapeutics. Past Director of Int'l Business managing 34 countries on 5 continents.

ID 880924

Clayton Perkins

ID 62328

Yuri Vanetik


Investor in @informins, @starbridge-systems.

ID 235729

Jordan Burke

Domo Inc.,

ID 263373

Tyler Holzer

Program Manager Business Developer Investor

ID 64359

Jantzen Fugate

Chief Executive Officer, at @direct-business-lending

ID 795914

Jeremiah Jones

ID 213413

Nate Walkingshaw


Founded @cycleface-inc @podium-co @brightface @waiverapps-com @paramed Investor @finicity @cycleface-inc Board Member of @saturdayswaffle

ID 516432

Roy Avondet


7 Years NextStep Partners serving CEOs; Retired Deloitte Audit Partner - Office (Silicon Valley) & Regional (Hyderabad) Managing Partner; No nonsense advice with kindness

ID 287195

Matt Berry

Founder @orca-health • Studied at @brigham-young-university

ID 385092

Ryan Perry

MBA @university-of-utah

ID 172385

David Nielsen

Founder @ultralink, @cmg-marketing • Worked at @goldman-sachs, @ucla-anderson-school-of-management • Studied at @brigham-young-university

ID 416534

Brayden Wardrop

Director of biz dev @ischoolcampus. Founder of oil service company. Startup Manager with proven track record in sales, management, presentation and execution.

ID 179646

Dr. Shelley Binkley

Obstetrician and gynecologist Dr. Shelley Binkley currently provides a number of services for women at Physician's Group of Utah and Iasis Healthcare.

ID 183749


Studied at @CU, @National Institute Of Technology Trichy

ID 623256

Blake Warner

Founder Box Support • Worked at @boxsupport • Studied at @colorado-state-university

ID 479752

Curtis Toone

Founder qpquo LLC • Worked at @bain-company, @bain-capital • Studied at @brigham-young-university

ID 118798

Gilbert Lee

Mobile designer, UI designer, Love startup experience

ID 106429

Garth C. Koyle

Co-founder @ @event-espresso; winner of the $40k 2011 Utah Entrepreneur Challenge. Prior Marketing Manager. MBA, MHA.

ID 256300

Madhav Ranjan

Cornell BS; Director at UBS, Whole Loan Trading IT; CIO for a financial tech startup in 2005 to present. Built web portals for Real Estate Valuation & Mortgages

ID 289564

Ben Burnett

MS CS UofU, well rounded (front end + back end), strong math background

ID 140406

Brett Dansie

Experienced B2B software sales executive. Currently Director of Sales for Healthcare software provider. Love building sales process from the ground up into predictable revenue generating machines.

ID 146624

Jayson Hill

Worked at @unisys, @us-army • Studied at @salt-lake-community-college

ID 51861

Jer Wood

Excel master. Expert at financial modeling, forecasting, budgeting, project management, and process improvement. BS Accounting, MBA, 7 years Internet banking.

ID 739290

David Tanner

ID 469726

Timmy Chou


See Linked In profile

ID 420264

Jim Oldham

CTO @tute-genomics • Previously worked at @fusion-io • Studied at @utah-valley-university

ID 738317

Rick Cid

Highly experienced global business development manager with a passion for teaching and technology.

ID 445911

Kyle Mercer, CPA

Experienced in Small Business Accounting and Taxation

ID 751862

Stephen Walter

Startup Attorney

ID 155479

Shae Petersen

Founder @partyutah, @partytix • Started selling subscription based software online at 15. Developer/Designer of 13+ years. Did I mention I love startups?

ID 586016

Omar Melo

Start-up Entrepreneur with a vast of array of skill sets, but most proud of people skills that demonstrate ability to work with teams and lead.

ID 270674

Marshall Hendrickson

Founder of The Field House • BA at @university-of-utah, JD @gonzaga-university • Startup lawyer • Japanese speaker • html & css coder • High school football coach

ID 163129

Spencer Uresk

Java developer

ID 73290

Tomas Bulka

ID 30078

Dan (Danny) Fellars

Founder, @inbounding-com CEO, @inhealthcare Masters, CS (CSUSM) MBA (@brigham-young-university)

ID 75941

Emily Drennan

Tax Accountant

ID 500182

Andy Brimhall

Co-founded @jail-education-solutions and @vayia. Passionate about startups, filmmaking, and advertising. Studied at @brigham-young-university

ID 466962

Bryce Abplanalp

UMass MBA, co-founded CLEANWRAP, currently with The Romney Group

ID 182547

Neil Spencer

Founder @memory-meld, @the-marketer-directory • Worked at @wcg • Studied at @brigham-young-university-idaho-1

ID 334850

Kevin Smith

Full stack JavaScript engineer, founder Ski Town Restaurants.

ID 340620

Dave Mortensen

ID 551211

Chris Owens

Founder Canvas Creative • Worked at @canvas-creative • I run an amazing UX shop.

ID 454600

Santosh Maknikar

Founder @YogaForPeople Worked at @goldman-sachs @overstock-com @incomm

ID 693356

Steve Arntz

ID 426451

Courtney Gaylord

Sell and manage products; Strong sales background; Excellent time manager; Self starter; Sales at Stryker.

ID 361688

Ivan Andrus

Backend C++ big data developer with Adobe

ID 515508

Joseph Turner

Co-Founder TaskEasy; Lead Product Manager Raytheon;Jack of All Trades Startup Style

ID 134548

Orion Hansen

Founder Film Garden and Courion Design Studios • Advanced Software Engineer. Worked at @monavie as Development Lead • Studied at @university-of-utah, @weber-state-university

ID 24131

Mike Chang

co-founder @cloudpicglobal • biz-ops, development, leadership.

ID 734744

Teach Jim

I teach and I learn. I love to help others to teach and learn so they can grow personally and professionally.

ID 301493

Clint Burgess

Sales and marketing specialist w/ emphasis in market penetration and new channel development. Experience with statistical software (STATA). International experience and fluent in Russian.

ID 105137

Bruce Fryer

Healthcare IT, Cloud, Storage, Security and Mobile are my passions. Several startups and Corporate America background (Novell, Baxter Healthcare). MBA DSS

ID 731045

Brandon Plewe

ID 583063

Ashleigh Early

Lead gen and training specialist; built and lead teams at 3 successful start-ups; ADR team lead and manager at FireEye from pre-IPO to market leader.

ID 287398

Blake Simkins

Senior UX Designer at Instructure. Previously Orca Health.

ID 197273

Zach Richardson

Founded Myndlab - owns and operates more than 4 different social startups.

ID 632326

D. Dallan Rees

Experienced business professional with 14 years experience owning and operating company

ID 731427

Justin Christensen

Graduate of Fullstack Academy of Code. Built and deployed Finalist of Node.js/Tessel Hardware hackathon. Love coding, excited to be on a great team

ID 107516

Chester Bailey

University of Texas Grad Student McCombs School of Business (MSTC) Master of Science in Technology Commercialization; Bachelor’s in Design Graphics Engineering.

ID 146608

Joshua Fairbairn

Joshua Fairbairn is the CEO of MorphoMFG ( and the Founder of HeadCase Sound (

ID 26634

JB Henriksen

ID 261125

Casey Reichenberg

ID 811508

Josh Randall

ID 699052

John Rendell

Founder ProMD

ID 844926

Dustin Watts

Great experiences giving me a balance in Finance, Operations, and Law. Despite my background, I am not boring...I promise.

ID 559775

Matt Fischer

Founder Control A+, Entrepreneurial Consultant, started multiple businesses in the past 14 yrs. Studied@ VCU Brandcenter, &@ BYU-I

ID 261527

Rich Hanks


Chairman Mindshare Technologies. Retired President. EVP, Marriott.

ID 626754

MIchael Burton

Sales Manager in medical aesthetics; Extensive background in sales, marketing, finance, and analytics. Worked in trading at BP and lived abroad for a year+.

ID 20626

Joshua McKay

@helion-2 Founder • Scalable infrastructure work for @facebook @intuit @microsoft @paypal @visa @ticketmaster @salesforce @AT&T @t-mobile and many more

ID 337406

Zach Litz

Talented electrical engineer with passion for technology seeks the ultimate startup experience!

ID 331758

John McEntire


Experience 1985-Present Okland Construction Salt Lake City, UT Secretary/Treasurer – Chief Financial Officer  Corporate Financial Management • Investments • Cash Flow Analysis – Payables and Receivables • Profit Projections • Cost Control and Purchasing

ID 810261

Ankit Shah

Fresh CS grad from Utah, software engineer, problem solver, interned at Solera Networks, actively looking to engineer scalable software solutions full-time.

ID 177928

Adam Dunford

ID 422069

Devin W. Johnson

COO of ClearCenter. During the past 10 years, Devin has helped start and grow numerous companies in the Advertising and Information Technology markets.

ID 545971

Harris Christiansen

An enthusiastic computer programmer and roboticist from Salt Lake City, Utah.

ID 828418

Kelsey Schaufler

Utah MBA. Customer Success Manager at Needle.

ID 185164

Paul Mayne


Founder @day-one

ID 447343

Josh Kredit-Phelps

Purdue BS, Manager of New Product development for the recycling division of Nucor Steel

ID 372960

Cole Farmer

Successfully recruited and trained sales teams, strong business background in sales, medical devices, investor, hard work ethic...

ID 556777

Hitesh Raju

University of Utah, Masters, Working on a graph layout algorithm for interactive visualization in JavaScript

ID 231085

Lauren Treasure

Team member @orca-health

ID 212819

Joel E. Nelson

Utah MBA. Lassonde Venture & Sorenson Innovation Associate. New Business Development @Bestbuy corporate headquarters.

ID 495374

Valerie Swartz

ID 632429

Jay Marchant

ID 434084

Justin Sherwood

Founder Tabulaa • Worked in IT Strategy and Architecture at @astrazeneca • Studied Software Engineering at @university-of-oxford-1

ID 122487

Rick Roberts

Graduate from BYU in ISYS. IT consultant and mobile developer in Chicago.

ID 619373

Viraj Shah

Product Manager with expertise on NPI and Installed Base management of medical devices

ID 311072

Amy Middleton

10 years online marketing, Google AdWords & Analytics Certified, Market Motive Conversion Optimization.

ID 608858

Manideep Gattamaneni

Web Developer @Thoughtlab

ID 451855

Ian Baum

CTO and Founder @tall-ship-studio Started programming at 12. Has 17 years of Software Engineering, 4 in Gaming. Serious and dedicated; Loves Entrepreneurship.

ID 202125

Ryan Wells

COO of Adrently | Public Relations from BYU | marketing and sales influencer | developed and operated two start-up companies in both B2B & B2C industries.

ID 539879

Outhorn (oo∙tahn) Keophila

Director of Business Development - In search of awesome, meaningful and innovative product ideas that disrupts the norm. Discover. Envision. Create. Realize. Twitter - @Carbon_Design

ID 811292

Brooke Stevens Johnson


ID 498755

Victoria Loveless

ID 731561

Chrystal Fabian

Marketing guru.

ID 275476

Ken Trionfo

Worked at @interbank-fx • Studied at @brigham-young-university

ID 783803

Zach Holmquist

Head of Product and Co-founder of @eventboard-io. Late night hacker. Disney Geek.

ID 717336

Geoffrey Gautier

Equity analyst at Goldman Sachs. BYU Marriott School 2013 graduate.

ID 633332

Jared Olson

ID 327675

Spencer Nugent

@healthy-com-1 Stove, @Space-Monkey and then some...

ID 300555

Olivia Diederich

Currently an Intern at Orca Health.

ID 851675

Oli Olafsson

Data explorer and business process expert

ID 510433

Sarangi Iyengar

Compliance Officer

ID 528602

Dominic Bunch

ID 23569

Brady Kimball

VP of Engineering at @adaptive-computing. Grew Engineering team 6x during move into Cloud Computing market.

ID 605837

Frank Dsouza

Founded and sold Glitz Gift Stores. A chain of jewelry stores in Utah. Bought a distribution business and grew it and sold it for millions. Came to this country with $200.00 and started out with a jewelry table at the local Flea market on Red Wood Road in

ID 163597

Patrick Nelli

Interested in healthcare/life science innovation. Working at Health Catalyst in SLC but living in SF. Previously healthcare PE investing and IB.

ID 568362

Varun Kumar Karuppannan

University of Utah CS. Software engineer. 3D computer graphics enthusiast.

ID 302777

Nicholas P. Wright

Creator @pilot-reader @juice-2 Past @fuund @dark-timbers

ID 527375

Scott Lewis

Experience working with companies that are on Cloud architectures or that are moving to Cloud Architectures, Scala, Akka used for highly scalable systems.

ID 131829

Justin Hewett

Midwest Partnership Manager - Imagine Learning

ID 417789

Patrick Crowley

ID 442358

Steve Hale

B.S. degree in business management with an emphasis in entrepreneurship from BYU. Founder of Former executive assistant at Peak Capital.

ID 487748

David Thomas

see resume (posted below)

ID 541802

Skyler Baird

Founder @vayia • Worked at @liquidity-services-inc Own rental properties. Strong background in video production. Studied business (LDS Business College).

ID 338321

Mark Freeman

Crazy about @amycfreeman, Dad, Web Developer, Foodie, Reader, Traveler, Has-been O-lineman, Wannabe Triathlete.

ID 795974

Kelsey Jacobsen

Account Executive with experience in sales and customer relations. Actively learning web development and design.

ID 197225

Misiona Patane

Misiona Patane, Jr. brings diversity and experience to his work as a business development, project management, and implementation consultant.

ID 799606

Jeff Olsen

Non-profit and corporate events manager, copy writer, graphic designer. Marketing & social media specialist. Public sector (municipal govt.)

ID 468286

Alexander Erickson

Senior Analyst at Goldman Sachs. Launched and ran 2 year social venture in Rwanda.

ID 320749

Clayton Farr

Sr. User Experience Design + Strategist. 15+ years. Founder of two design companies. Exceptional leadership, process, professionalism and communication.

ID 728290

Troy Stogsdill

Top 20 Business School Undergradate Degree with Finance and Accounting Experience in an Industry Leading Public Company

ID 589384

Bejoy Anto

ID 690980

Daniel Duke

Founder Playbook • Studied at Westminster College - BS in Accounting, University of Utah - Masters of Accounting

ID 259448

Randall Decker

ID 689212

Dave Barton

BYU Marriott School recent graduate. Passion for starting new ideas, quick learning, and aiming high.

ID 357249

Jeremy Perdue

Current Analyst at Groove Satellite; years of experience in small business. Owned & operated Dish Removers LLC. Internships in private equity and healthcare research firms.

ID 587620

Mark Henderson

Versatile software engineer, experience with start-ups and large companies.

ID 221453

Kim Brown


ID 53718

Michael Alvarez


ID 237418

Kody Myers

VP of Operation, Manage all aspects of the RawData research panel, recruitment, system development, compliance. BS Finance & entrepreneurship@University of Utah

ID 382032

Michael Watts

MBA professional looking to stay away from corporate firms. Experience in business development, growth strategy, and SaaS sales.

ID 154683

Hank Crawford

Expert in professional services outsourcing management. Can leverage best talent from around the world at low-cost as well as manufacturing.

ID 424414

Eric Saunders

Worked at @brightface, @cycleface-inc-1 • Studied at @weber-state-university

ID 608156

Brent Anderson

Finance Specialist. Provide cash management operations effectively and provide strategic insights.

ID 208698

Cameron Barker

Founder SPLT • Studied at @university-of-utah

ID 13842

Ben Wilkinson

All Star Marketer

ID 253086

Justin Jones

Founded @ilived Digital Strategist for Bonneville Communications. Passion for cause-oriented marketing, strategy, and advertising.

ID 32046

Neil Christensen

UX Designer, Information Architect & Sr. Web Developer @ Virgin America,, Solera Networks, and University of Utah.

ID 195498

Christoffer Wallin

Missionary of music and founder of @jamclouds • Creative Design @sprinklebit • Worked at @bts, @swedish-armed-forces • Studied at @university-of-utah

ID 287294

Piers Mainwaring

Web dev, cyclist, humanist. Whiskey hunter. Ruby + Rails, CoffeeScript, Node, databases, sysadmin, &c. I make internets @matt-berry. Previously with .

ID 166153

Jeff Beecroft

Worked at @helion, @salt-lake-city-economic-development • Studied at University of Utah

ID 454392

Ryan Anderson

Sales and Marketing Executive with extensive experience capturing new business, increasing market-share, and fostering account relationships to drive growth.

ID 826781

Jeffrey Morelli

ID 73738

Steve Gerritsen

Founder @rocky-mountain-low-vision-llc, @Advanced Sports Marketing• Worked at @ems-financial-services • Studied at University of Utah

ID 537583

Alex Howington

Full stack developer with an interest in maps and data visualization

ID 675803

Samuel Sweet

@university-of-utah CS student. Love for software, art, and their intersections. Co-founder and lead engineer for @portal-pathway.

ID 248754

Justin Smith

Founder Project SLC, Spanish Degree University of Utah), PR and Marcketing Emphasis, Social Media and Marketing at Freindeimic and

ID 181909

Clayton Call

Founder ONE Interpreting, first to develop Video Relay Service app for deaf utilizing Gtalk. Founder of @throng studied at @arizona State University

ID 330532

Curtis McEntire

Founded, worked for Intermountain Healthcare for 7 years as a supply chain management professional, love technology, MBA/MHA.

ID 601382

T.J. McCaffrey

Business Development Associate at Goldman Sachs. Responsibilities include project management, client service, product specialist and business development.

ID 300076

Mike Carlson

Founder @fieldhouse

ID 780944

Chris Hoffman, MBA

I have a strong personal sense of mission. I charge ahead, encouraging everyone to take the journey with me. I make it about all of us. We made it happen.

ID 452372

Mark Young

Art Director/Founder @tall-ship-studio Senior Airman @united-states-air-force

ID 453398

Tysen Larrabee

Will soon graduate from Utah in CS.

ID 666473

Jamie Gadette

Content director @jobdash-2 with experience building products from scratch

ID 338866

Nanda Yadav

software developer(ruby/rails, data visualization)

ID 33638

Bill Walsh

Working to provide cloud services to small businesses. Adding locations in Las Vegas / Beijing in Q3.

ID 673363

Ben Castleberry

Multi-million dollar marketing campaigns for @ibm @microsoft @adobe. Founded @Leparcel and work at software startup Resolve Systems. M A R K E T I N G

ID 250644

Scott Fletcher

ID 623702

Deric Abel

A person of many hats, from frontend development to backend systems support. Passion for all things technical.

ID 221105

Caroline Bybee

Digital marketing, social media, content acquisition for Skullcandy, Outdoor Retailer, City Cosmetics, FCTRS; Event promotional marketing for Red Bull, Skullcandy, Adidas, Outdoor Retailer, Teva

ID 86622

David Gilbert

Co-founder at Visible Equity, serving as CMO/COO

ID 830215

Matt Heimueller

Sales Professional with strong results in B2B sales and relationship management.

ID 455938

Brannon Lucas

Full-Stack JS Software Engineer • Studied at @university-of-utah & @hackreactor

ID 548598

Andy Sherwin

ID 633366

Kade Curtis

Marketing Outreach Manager; Recent Graduate of University of Utah; Driven and Self Motivated.

ID 177029

Kevin Johnson

Founder LiL Billboards, @game-hub • Studied at @utah-state-university

ID 52425

Brad Boyle

CEO, marketer and technologist. Have raised multiple rounds of capital for both technology and consumables companies. Columbia MBA.

ID 475025

Drew Putnam

Worked at @marketware • Studied at @university-of-utah

ID 757074

Lindley White

Front End Developer with background in UI/UX Design.

ID 171875

Lorenzo Swank

ID 779415

Jamie W

Dedicated college senior in Computer Science intending to obtain a summer internship in 2015 at analytic software development/web tech company.

ID 536865

Chad Miller

U of U CS; Unix/Linux Operating Systems; Full Stack engineer; Testing/Fuzzing/Debugging; Python/Ruby/Bash; Databases

ID 478849

Brandy Garcia

Experienced bartender and college graduate.

ID 549662

Meng Jia

EE MS seeking for summer internship in hardware engineering for Summer 2014

ID 114540

James Kleinschnitz

Sr Software Engineer at CA Technologies

ID 862240

Justin Truong

Strong design background, innovative, and dedicated. B.S. Mechanical Engineer University of Utah

ID 753714

ky okerlund

Sales, Marketing, and account management professional at multiple startups. Also involved in strategy, process improvement and product to market fit.

ID 361817

Andrew Sullivan

Ruby/JS dev. Into tech, cities, energy, and transit. New to Seattle.

ID 860226

Dave Vance

ID 618861

Hans Heath

ID 601991

Nick Joy

Expert in brand and membership growth. Comfortable with a high-volume, fast-paced environment, organized, accountable, and results-oriented.

ID 774220

Kyle Spackman

MBA from University of Utah. Operations Manager in Healthcare

ID 697697

Caroline Biggs

Undergrad in Mechanical Engineering, 3.95 GPA, President of Society of Women Engineers, Emphasis in Coding, Robotics and Solid Mechanics

ID 592962

T. Ben Evans, CPA

I am an accounting/finance professional that is passionate about systems and technology. I have a broad background that includes general accounting, forensic accounting, business valuation, IT audit, and internal audit. I am big proponent of continuing ed

ID 383306

Christopher Hall

Utah - BS Business Administration. Fluent Spanish. Extensive International, Community Development, Teaching, and Project Management Experience.

ID 535101

Chandler Hunt

Marketing/Event Coordinator

ID 570652

Taylor Stapleton

Utah CS, API dev, and I refuse to be average.

ID 720667

Amy-Kate Andrews

Front end software engineer from Seattle. Fluent in Javascript & passionate about clean, reusable code.

ID 342841

Spencer Buchanan

University of Utah graduate of #1 program in nation (EAE), Video game producer, project manager and designer. Market Research for Health and medical games.

ID 533827

Chris Reese

Founder at Threadhanded • Account Executive at @jj-cole, Marketing Director @escalera • VP Sales and Marketing at Denik <> Studied at @utah-state-university <>Fluent in Spanish.

ID 235804

Paul Allen

Broad range of experience including microfabrication, graphic design, industrial design, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and photography.

ID 9753

Bradley Bertoch

Investor in @matchbin, @sendside-networks.

ID 331956

Xicheng Wang

C++/Objective-C, Linux/OSX client software engineer @emc

ID 352970

Rosalie Staes

Associate at University Impact Fund

ID 473289

Pace Johnson

ID 777134

Suman Hebbal

ECE Masters graduate student seeking full time opportunities in the field of circuit design or verification.

ID 606714

Cameron Hansen

ID 343469

Dalena Tran

Works @vinny

ID 254435

Randy Tate

Heavy Linux user. Develops w/open source. Healthcare data validation stack. X12, PHP, jQuery, bash, MySQL for the main course, w/Magento on the side.

ID 574745

Kenson Pribyl

Financial Analyst and Process Improvement Specialist

ID 326863

Dominick Perrier-Strand

Love my clients, work hard to play hard, 1 exit and counting

ID 185353

Anant Asthana

Worked at @v3-systems • Studied at @north-dakota-state-university

ID 548093

Arun Allamsetty

University of Utah, MS CS, NLP enthusiast and former ASE at Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.

ID 591020

Sam Barsketis

Graphic Designer - Clients: Powder Magazine, University of Utah, Char Poles, etc. Fluent in Adobe CS. Started clothing co. - "Best of Utah 2012" by City Weekly

ID 197263

Rick Champlin

Entrepreneur | Founder @ Simple Group • Studied at @utah-state-university | Passionate about growth, learning, and startups.

ID 237498

Mark Heaton

Hands-on technology executive with broad experience in enterprise, cloud and mobile technologies.

ID 705213

Thomas J. Reiersen

University of Utah - BS Biology, Minors in Mathematics and Biomedical Engineering. Highly adaptable, personable, technical, and creative.

ID 725406

Gary Jense

Product & Business Development at reddit.

ID 549026

Damir Harambasic

Worked at Experticity

ID 358723

Trey Leonard

B2B and B2C salesman, Business major, people person, problem solver, athlete, outdoor enthusiast, lover of life

ID 403599

Dru Clegg

Product Designer • Engineering Analyst at @solutionreach • Process and Automation Enthusiast • Studied at @SCADdotedu

ID 173521

Natty Coleman

Senior Designer 10+ years experience, Code Fellows UX Engineering graduate, product/UX design generalist, built design teams all over the world.

ID 754161

Josh Gricius

CEO of C&S Acquisitions firm. Background in public safety, and medicine.

ID 575331

Eleanore Guthrie

ID 555327

Chase Carter

ID 792766

Rob Perez

ID 865818

Sushil Dosi

Full Stack Developer

ID 321641

Ty Jones

Founder Styker Investments, Team Player for KSL

ID 643465

Saptarshi Mallick

Graduate Research Assistant at Utah State University, strong embedded skills with RTOS experience. Statistical Data Analysis using MATLAB .

ID 255645

CJ Wilson

Experienced Technical Recruiter, been working in Recruiting, Staffing, and HR. Currently preparing to take my PHR certification.

ID 564674

Vishal Sharma

Graduate Student in CS, Published 6 apps in windows 8 Store, OCJP SE 1.6, Interested in Information Retrieval, Data Mining Worked at @tata-consultancy-services.

ID 359123

Michael Thorp

Business and Marketing Professional For over twenty years my passion has been in the area of business, marketing, sales, management, training, technology, and all things related to business in general. I work with people and businesses to help them see

ID 122032

Matt Hansen

Current activity involves founding and development of - Have been developing enterprise and startup software for more than 12 years.

ID 843058

Rusten Blackburn

Sales and Marketing Leader with $48+ million in sales over the last 15 years.

ID 596705

Robert King

ID 485842

Jameson Ritter

Management experience in the development and implementation of departments, processes, and systems, contributing to business development. Willing to relocate.

ID 666772

John Armstrong

ID 788817

Justin Bachus

ID 711603

Matt Ditullio

Email Marketing Manager, Successfully Constructed and Launched Email Channels for Various Companies

ID 436653

Alex Parker

Web application architect, developer. Fiddling and building on the web since 1998. Professionally since 2007.

ID 315427

Aaron Gunderson

Content Strategist and Online Marketer

ID 714975

Katie MacCabe

Passionate Product Owner. Experience working with offshore and in-house team. Years of collaborating with PHP, HTML, CSS, C++ and telecom IT groups.

ID 673958

Caitlin Garner

ID 705047

Jessica Ling

Lead designer at a creative studio.

ID 751086

Torren Phillips

I am a thinker and planner. I love to understand situations, people and data. I excel at gathering and sharing information.

ID 723513

Joni Weiss

ID 699317

Zachary Fowler

Founder Salt City Exotics • Worked at @apple-inc-1-deleted, @zgf-enterprises • Studied at @neumont-university-1

ID 434994

Colson Kelly

ID 607599

Jessica Negron

Founder of LovEvolutionisNOW; Entrepreneur with a love for making people smile.

ID 850018

Anthony Felix

I currently work at web dev/software firm in Salt Lake City as a business development strategist/head of sales. I am looking to help tech startups get direction

ID 385330

Ty Hatch

I love crafting simple, intuitive and enjoyable experiences for real people.

ID 851116

Thomas Holloway

Launched and built, Full Stack Generalist, Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience Enthusiast, Entrepreneurial Spirit

ID 686513

Ramez Atiya

ID 395966

Charlie Oliver

Product Focused Leader & Experienced Software Developer

ID 323585

Aaron Edgell

Founder @appible • Worked at @netmark-com • Studied at @brigham-young-university-idaho-1

ID 640782


Seasoned Semiconductor Veteran who can make a real difference for your team and company.

ID 438056

Bryce Gardner

ID 246953

Jennifer Lynn Mason

Co-founded a Utah WISP in 2003* Was VP of 3.3M Az company* Worked @ClearChannel* Owner of Jennifer Lynn Consulting* Founder of

ID 148604

Bill Coleman


ID 354517

Adam Hennings

Insert headline here.

ID 869222

Cody Eliason

ID 199419

Rob Johnson

GM I like making ideas happen.

ID 633822

Clark Turner


Founder, Turner Ventures, an independent, privately held physical and life sciences investment firm that funds promising seed- and early-stage companies.

ID 273570

Cooper Henderson

ID 527322

Sterling Cobb

Founder @castr-1 Github: fourcolors Website: Work: thoughtbot and Instructure

ID 834587

Thomas Young


Ph.D. economist who does big data analytics and econometrics

ID 605761

Stephen Crane

Business Analyst/ CAPM Certified Project Manager

ID 397322

Dylan Lott

ID 248358

Paul Koziol

Founder Employ Utah and Employ California • Worked at @iboats-com • Studied at @monroe-college, @warner-pacific-college

ID 831195


Mexico's law school, have translated legal documents English to Spanish.

ID 872517

John B Macchione III

ID 76654

David Blain

V.P. Client Services at Saxton / Horne Advertising

ID 319688

Jerdon Johnston

Manager @ExtendHealth. Optimizer/Tuner of Processes.

ID 394477

Jacob Nelson

I started and managed two businesses; worked in international banking at RBS for over 2 years; and have over 10 years experience in customer-facing roles.

ID 833698

Sandra D, Hufford

Start-up maven wearing many hats with proficiency.

ID 600937

Juan Rodriguez

Software development lead, Website Internal Infrastructure & Website API. Experience designing enterprise websites. Java, Spring, MongoDB, REST, AngularJS.

ID 679494

Christopher Hovey

Inventor, Team Leader, Self-Motivated, Innovative Thinker, Manager, Professionalisms, Ambitious, Empowered, Educated, Entrepreneur, Hard Worker.

ID 765693

Ryan Samanka

Ambitious, award-winning visual communicator. Internet lover. Rocking chair rocker.

ID 786940

Mike Margetts

ID 818500

Eric Tua'one

Consistently awesome at driving NB sales and retaining existing accounts.

ID 721382

Steve K Hill

ID 820163

Max Hansen

Currently in school, looking for experience

ID 716347

Laura Berbusse

ID 739468

Lara Brucker

ID 816895

Miro Putkonen

ID 755914

Dean Fogel


30 yrs Commercial Real Estate; Office, Retail and Land, site selection, lease negotiations, investment analysis, development and sale-leaseback.

ID 779227

Lynnette Padilla

Help start an IoT company, BSEE, 5 years experience in IoT/M2M in product research, product development, product launches, and manufacturing.

ID 751193

Justina Tran

ID 797544

Kacture Pratt

Kacture Pratt, many years of customer service and sales representative experienced. Hard worker and reliable.

ID 757271

Darin Johnson

ID 700199

Todd Resudek

ID 744513

Douglas Shumway


Founded real estate companies, hedge funds, tech companies and act as specific or general legal counsel to numerous SMBs.

ID 804636

Jacqueline Morasco

Yoga and Wellness Guide, Blogger, and Natural Foods Advocate

ID 720531

Latasia Horton

I ponder consciousness. Business and personal development books are the best. Aspiring entrepreneur. I brave the storm of life, motherfuckers!

ID 794407

Carmen Lovio

love kids and love clothes

ID 712379

Chase Saxton

Sales, Marketing and Communications professional finishing an under-graduate degree while preparing for graduate study programs. Entrepreneur at heart.

ID 805126

Robert Payne

Sales and Marketing

ID 669016

Matthew Camp

Full stack developer with product management experience

ID 831110

Rich Castleberry

ID 656236

Tyler Morgan

Analyst | Engineer | Technology Fanatic | Excel Wizard | Passionate Leader | Data-Driven Manager

ID 636691

Ken Portlock

Views are my own

ID 681489

Ervin Dhima


Investing in startups for over 10 years

ID 847898

davis ngarupe

ID 881126

Bridgette Marsh



ID 629590

Jenessa Fields

ID 869575

Ethan James Bond

All business 

ID 668708

Charles McNall

ID 699289

Matt Patton

Sales professional.

ID 677479

Brad Mager

Computer Engineering graduate with background in marketing and graphic design.

ID 877384

Chad Stever

Solutions creator and leader specializing in web technologies from the backend to the frontend. Innovative, self motivated, learning; Jack of all trades

ID 851037

Michael Landon

ID 667940

Ken Horton


Associate Professor of Intellectual Property Strategy & Intellectual Property Lawyer

ID 842985

Aaron Wagner


Founder of White Knight Capital Partners, Dynamic Capital, I am interested in investing in startup companies, with Great leadership.

ID 854181

brittany tarbet

ID 879814

Jason Torbert

I’m a UI/UX Web Visual Designer/Front-End Developer, musician, photographer, surfer & brand new dad from San Diego, California.

ID 884241

Laurel Christensen

graduated with degrees in Both Mathematics and Journalism. Coded, drafted and wrote for an engineering company for 15 months.

ID 610394

David Jolley

ID 482827

Boyd Wold

Extremely efficient and organized. One of the best problem solvers for software development projects. Respected leader.

ID 597594

Wally Barnum

Embedded networking expert. ZigBee, WiFi, IP. IoT creator, startup Ninja.

ID 526781

Melissa Dearr

ID 591834

Perfect Pitch Tech

Perfect Pitch's innovation is a cloud-based telephony software that is changing how call centers operate. Learn more. Talk to us!

ID 573824

Brett Bastian

ID 582696

Jeremy Assayah

I am a mobile developer and a team leader. I would love to find a startup and evolve with the team and the project

ID 614256

Dalton Wallace

ID 479383

Chi-Chi Zhang

MITx, Digital Learning, @ICWAnews Fellow, @MITxAlumni, Ex- @cnn Producer @AP Journo

ID 888296

Matthew Boerke

Extremely versatile University of Utah MBA with broad experience and ability to work miracles with minimal resources. Desire to do well by doing good.

ID 614758

Francisco Olmos


ID 583228

Joshua Proulx

Software Engineer

ID 540908

Rick Spamo

ID 528403

Shaun Austin

ID 888024

Jared Newbold

ID 548962

Brittany Dodd

ID 518691

Beau Scott

Motivated, loyal, and always learning. Software architect and engineer with a penchant for creative simplicity and efficiency.

ID 883322

Seth Adams

Born and raised in South Africa now living in America. Business and entrepreneurship major at LDSBC. Have experience in sports coaching and event planning.

ID 239


ID 433472


CEO Metaphoresight, Corporate Development, Business Development Trainer

ID 376236

Ken Melby

I'm a runner, freediver, and general quest for truther.

ID 393159


Marketing Professional

ID 480703

TC Krueger

Founder/CEO of ClearShield Services, a 3rd-party billing company started from college. Successful and experienced in Finance, Sales, and Leadership.

ID 464798

Bryan Gibson


Doctor of physical therapy and Phd in Biomedical informatics.

ID 393390


I'm with The Lightwurx group. We create insane success for high end companies with their web design and marketing strategies.

ID 374106

Alex Sandstrom

ID 408779

Jesse Semchuck

Marketing Director & Digital Strategist // Caffiene addict, movie guy, and NBA fan. // #SEM #SEO #PPC #NBA #PPCChat

ID 372369

Sean Molloy

ID 372608

Travis Lawrence 801-560-5555

Talent Acquisition Manager, Technical Recruiter, Recruiter

ID 370737

Sai Hegde

Java/J2EE technical architect with more than 9 years of industry experience.

ID 388253

Dan Erickson

Full stack Java web application developer

ID 463872

Noah Lohr

ID 463952

Lisa Sorensen

ID 384478

BeachMama in SLC

Mother of four kids & rottie and a bulldog. Cheerleader for my DH- @Tony5alas - bodybuilder in the making. Lifestyle Consultant. Bringing on change!

ID 469403

Veronica Lynn Harper

Myrooms Studio Art Director & Character Lead Artist/ Community Transformer/ Team Builder 10+yrs Industry Experience: Sony, NBC, Nickelodeon, Electronic ArtsEA

ID 441032

Jane Colton

ID 409520

Bryan Edelman


Wireless systems and personable hardware can change the world.

ID 402117

Taylor Drage

Worked at @goldman-sachs

ID 260327

Kristin Apgar

Objective To pursue a pre –sales engineer position that utilizes my interpersonal, technical and leadership skills with a company that is developing cutting edge technology. Professional Experience Sr Sales Software Engineer

ID 184522

Stephen Mitchell

ID 353028

Charles Kimball

ID 203348

Kevin Prowell

Utah native Kevin Prowell is a self-made entrepreneur, diverse athlete, and involved community participant.

ID 186527

Brian Watkins

Write some apps

ID 168588

Kathryn Stockton

athryn Bond Stockton established firm foundations for her career by accruing an extensive formal education.

ID 350858

Summer Wilson

Attorney with management experience in an entrepreneurial environment. Specializing in Licensing, Compliance, Negotiations, Contracts. Currently in the Arts.

ID 338864

Andrew Warner

Motivated front & back end developer, Proficient in many areas of development and very creative. Large range of skills. Looking for a great team & side project!

ID 302316

Kara Diersing Clapp

PhD in 2005, Family Nurse Practitioner in 2006, Clinical Nurse Specialist in 1995. Founded Doctor Kara PC in 2006.

ID 257392

Kyle Mallory

C/C++ Ruby Java PHP.

ID 277783

Daniel Nicolas

Managing Editor of Waking Ideas. Founding member of Max's Price Guides. Project / content manager. Blogger.

ID 372965

Cole Farmer

Very Experienced in Sales, Medical Devices, Vivint... Looking to help build a company.

ID 151074

Matthew Barlocker


ID 259714

Jason Sanders

ID 311637

Arthur Torres

Young entrepreneur, plenty of customer and team experience. Studying business and a product manager for a website.

ID 293133

Allen Ward

I am a motivated and hard working individual brining an unique combination and perspective of business and the arts.

ID 350469


ID 244469

Steele Nelson

Bachelors degree. CEO of BuckToBid Inc. Sr. Web Developer Hubbard Radio LLC. PHP and Javascript/jQuery guru. Strong experience with deep social integration.

ID 336889

John Russell

Founder @marketecture-1 • Worked at @legacy-technologies

ID 106488

Ghulam Sarwar

Principal Engineer at

ID 71821

Zach Badgett

In love with programming, beautiful code, learning. I know many languages which include: Go, PHP, NodeJs (JavaScript), Rust, Python, and more!

ID 99549

Jake Gundersen

Indie game developer and cofounder of Member of Ray Wenderlich iOS tutorial team. Feeding the pattern-recognizer in my brain.

ID 44350

Ethan Pearson

Seeking to do for data-exchange and business intelligence what youtube did for video or what blogs did for print media. Democratize data exchange.

ID 10304


ID 49536

Michael Garff

COO of Freshmedx

ID 113487

Jeff Nelson

ID 40825

James Dean


ID 82611

corey roberts

I have experience in web development, project management, landscaping, economics, and investment.

ID 889643

Colby Shosted

ID 105875

Craig Hobson

Co-Founder of LAAAME, Qliksport and SUPER RAD. Degree in Graphic Design, Web Programming and Business Management. Totally stoked on life :)

ID 104101


ID 39010

Gene E. Walker, III

University of Wisconsin Deans List 3.72GPA - 2009 UWM American Marketing Association Vice President of Advertising & Promotions - Eagle Scout

ID 14342

Kevin Owyang

ID 31977

Chris Greenhalgh

Founder. VP Services. PM/QA Expert

ID 97044

Tim Hogg

Software Engineer at Radiate Media.

ID 77238

Lexington T. Blood

1st startup at 18. 2nd startup at 25, successful real estate investor, green building consultant. Biochemistry, 5 years sleep medicine. Liquid Dreams Founder

ID 65953

Mitch Thompson

Freelance Designer / Developer hybrid. Clean fresh code, & clean fresh designs are my specialty.

ID 99798

Sam Merrell

Programming, Education, Learning, Open Source. Geek.

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